Admire the sleek design of the flat Monier Horizon tile.

Finish off with the smooth design of the A-line ridge.

The look of the roof complements any home design.

Contemporary A-line ridge vs conventional lapped ridging.

Complete your house with Monier Horizon and an A-line ridge.


Monier Horizon Sambuca Roof and Arctic White Bricks. Signature Show Home, 32 Jezero Drive, Massey, Auckland.

Monier Horizon Sambuca Roof.

Monier Horizon Sambuca Roof.



Monier Horizon is the ultimate flat, yet affordable concrete roof tile. The sleek, streamline look of your Horizon roof is created by the profile of the tile itself, Monier’s A-line ridging system and Monier’s EDGE - a patented technology which allows these tiles to be installed as low as 20 degrees.*

*Subject to local recommendations of terrain and wind categories.


Play the latest Monier TV commercial and see a Monier Horizon roof from all angles.