Horizon tiles are impervious to the effects of frost or ice – no matter how cold it gets.

The density of Horizon roof tiles provides highly effective thermal insulation keeping you comfortable in your home and helping save money and the environment through energy savings.

Because Horizon tiles are made from concrete – they will never rust, warp or corrode.

Horizon tiles are not affected by exposure to salt air making them ideal for coastal locations.

The density of Monier Horizon roof tiles assists in keeping unwanted noise out. This makes them ideal in areas of high density living.

The clean lines of A-line ridging.

Flexible to 20 degrees. Monier’s EDGE technology is a patented process only available from Monier.

Large selection of colours designed especially for New Zealand.

Proudly manufactured and installed to New Zealand Standards.

As one of New Zealand’s iconic roofing brands, Monier has been manufacturing and installing concrete roof tiles for over 50 years. That’s why when we offer a 50 year guarantee in tile product and performance, it really means something. In fact our guarantee is generally more than that of other roofing materials and with less conditions.



You can't go past Monier Horizon tile roofs with features like:

Resistance to the Elements

  • - Impervious to frost and ice
  • - Provides thermal insulation
  • - Will not rust, warp or corrode
  • - Salt safe
  • - Provides acoustic insulation

Advanced Technology

  • - The clean lines of A-line ridging
  • - Edge technology allows for low pitched roofs
  • - Large selection of colours designed for NZ
  • - New Zealand Standards compliant
  • - 50 year performance guarantee